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We are a Blockchain
tech+design consultancy
based in Singapore.


Building towards a decentralized future

We work with companies dedicated to build the next-generation Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Forging the core tech

With more than 5 years of research experience in Blockchain and probabilistic distributed systems, we work with businesses building the next-gen decentralized platforms.

Technology advisory

We guide cutting-edge Blockchain platforms in the design and implementation of their technology. Our strength, in particular, is around the consensus protocol and formal verification for the decentralized platforms and smart contract languages.

Blockchain strategy

We work towards a deep understanding of the existing business and operations, and then find the right fit for Blockchain adoption. We equip businesses with the right planning (whitepapers, decks) and tools (necessary platform adoption).

Blockchain education

Accessing a massive pool of students and developers in Asia, we create the perfect opportunity for tech services to showcase their products to the best talents. We host workshops, hackathons, and industry events highlighting the newest technology.

Technical content

We accelerate the growth of core Blockchain technologies with explanatory documents, how-to videos, and tutorials. More accessible content enables more developer and market adoption.

Bridging the gap

We bring the nascent decentralized technology to the students and professionals through technical content, developer workshops and industry events.

Designing end-to-end solutions

With suites of private Blockchain technologies, we identify use cases and build proof-of-concepts for corporations looking to adopt DLT.

Private Blockchain for corporate

We work with companies to identify Blockchain applications with direct impact to the business. We harness our expertise in multiple private Blockchain solutions to provide seamless proof-of-concepts.

Brand identity and UX design

With experience in building brand identity for billion-dollar businesses and Y Combinator fellow startups, we work on User Experience (UX) and branding for solutions and companies alike.



Our founding team brings in 10+ years of research and applied experience in distributed systems, Blockchain, Machine Learning, UI/UX design, brand identity, and finance. We are fortunate to be advised by industry veterans in technology.

Ratul Saha

Founder and CEO

Ratul holds a PhD in computer science from NUS, Singapore. He holds a dual major in mathematics and computer science from Chennai Mathematical Institute. He has published peer-reviewed research papers in distributed systems, Blockchain, and formal verification.

Ratul leads Getonchain from front, and helps businesses with their core Blockchain technology and implementation strategy.



Some of the recent invited talks, workshops and student sessions across universities.

11 March 2018

KIIT Bhubaneswar

5-hour Blockchain session in E-summit. 350+ attendees.

12 Feb 2018

PESIT, Bangalore

Invited talk on Blockchain. 180+ attendees.

7 Feb 2018

IIT Madras, Chennai

Invited talk on Blockchain. 70+ attendees.

2 Feb 2018

CMI, Chennai

Invited talk on Blockchain.

10 Oct 2017

IIIT Allahabad

Invited talk on Blockchain and startup culture in India. 50+ attendees.

2 Oct 2017

CESC 2017, UC Berkeley

On Power Splitting Games in Distributed Computation. YouTube.


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