GetonChain: rules and guidelines for articles

Ratul Saha
Ratul Saha Oct 18, 2017
Platfrom review 2 minutes read

GetonChain (hereafter termed as “we”, “us” or other synonym variations) is a Blockchain consultancy for academia, corporate and investors. We are on course towards reviewing and discussing companies, platforms and technologies on Blockchain (hereafter termed as “the entity” or “entity”). We guarantee the highest degree of transparent and impartial discussion that benefits the community. The rules and guidelines for articles written in getonChain is as follows:

  • Each article will start with disclaimer. Any and all association with the party is detailed in the disclaimer.
  • We may write articles even when there is a conflict of interest involved. Such conflict needs to be clearly marked in the disclaimer.
  • We may write articles that are sponsored and/or direct financial association can be established between getonChain and the entity. Such articles will be clearly marked as “This is a sponsored article” in the beginning, with the details of sponsorship is in the disclaimer.
  • Blockchain is a nascent technology and details of entities are often not readily available at the time of writing. The date of publication represents the timestamp of the material regarding the entity that is publicly available.
  • No article can be withdrawn by request, unless requested from a law enforcement authority or may cause physical harm to a human being. GetonChain reservers the right to withdraw article without justification.
  • Most of the articles will be posted without establishing possible contact with the entity.
  • We welcome any and all clarifications from the entity or any other source. We are happy to edit the article based on our revised understanding. The edit history and context of an article will be clearly mentioned at the end of the corresponding article. The judgement and understanding of getonChain is final and non-negotiable.
  • We may not continue to update the article as the entity continues to evolve. In that case, the date of publication remains the proof of material regarding the entity.
  • GetonChain does not provide financial consultancy services and is not liable for any loss of property, value or reputation. Entities and individuals are responsible for their own decision regarding investment and any other financial activities.
  • GetonChain does not solicit, offer, or sell securities via the Internet.
Disclosure: This set of rules and guidelines can be changed without prior notice to anyone.